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  • How old do you have to be to participate in Foam Combat?
    Ages 5 and up can play! We have arcade games and bounce houses for kids that aren't old enough to participate in Foam Combat.
  • Can I bring my own blaster?
    Yes! As long as it's compatible with the ammo we use! We prefer Rival blasters (ball blasters) they perform the best in the Arena but we do also supply regular Elite Darts as well.
  • Is this for Adults or kids?
    BOTH! We are usually 50% kids 50% adults that come through and play. We host walk in play, birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor parties and more! It's fun for everyone!
  • Do I need to make reservations to come and play?
    No! You can just stop in anytime during business hours and get right in to public play! The only time you need reservations is if you are wanting to schedule a party or event with a party room! No outside food or drinks can be brought in unless you are having a scheduled event in a party room!
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